Monday, May 25, 2015

First Short Track Map

The first map is posted below. It will be a fast, shorter course. Should make for a lot of laps! First race will start at 5 pm with the kids race. Kids will race a shorter course.  Everyone else will race the long course. Get ready for Short Track! I'll see everyone out there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Short Track 2015!

    CU Cycling is excited to again be hosting the Summer Short Track Series at Valmont! Races will be held every Wednesday from May 27th until August 12th. Racing will start at 5pm with the kids race and will finish with the Men's A race at 7:15pm. We will have a race for everyone, from beginners, to kids, to elite racers! If you've thought about giving racing a try, but haven't yet CU Summer Short Track is the perfect place to give it a go.
    Due to logistical problems and low turn out Short Track will no longer host dual slalom races. We will be going back to our roots, and only hosting short track races.
    Stay tuned to the Short Track blog,, and the CU Cycling Facebook Page,,  for more updates on Short Track. The first weeks course map will be posted here next week. Come out and feed your competitive side this summer at CU Cycling Short Track!

-Dylan Fox, CU Cycling Short Track Director

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

End of Season Wrap-Up

Congratulations to our series champions, and thank you to everyone who raced in the series finale and the series! We here at CU Cycling are excited and proud every year to host this long-standing Boulder tradition, and you racers make the hard work worth the effort.
We'd like to send out a few special thanks to the people who really made this year's series what it was:
First, thank you to Michael Friedberg and the rest of the YellowBelly Chicken staff for providing weekly prizes to category winners; everyone had a chance this year to race for a free dinner or socks, making everyone feel like a pro in their field. If you haven't tried YellowBelly, swing on down to their shop at Folsom and Arapahoe for the best fried chicken you'll find in Boulder.
Next, thank you to Keenan Meitz and his team at EVOL Foods. Keenan was able to swing by a couple times this summer with his tent and about 200 EVOL burritos per race. This really elevated the evening and provided volunteers and racers, alike, with some fuel to keep going strong all evening. Keenan was also able to swing some prize packs for the dual slalom races, though they were unfortunately rained out. We appreciate all the effort and support that the team at EVOL Foods has provided throughout the summer.
Thank you to Skyler Beck, Mike Rossi, and the Valmont staff for letting us host the series at the bike park for the second year. The new format and trail variety that Valmont brings to the short track series truly makes this one of the premier events of its kind in the nation.
Thank you to the members of CU Cycling who admirably donated their time every week to the races, even if they didn't race. We had a lot more team road cyclists involved this year, and we on the mountain side appreciate all your help and enthusiasm that made this race run smoothly every week.
Thanks to Dave Towle, our outstanding commentator, for coming every week and bringing the series to another level with his race banter. Dave has commentated for almost every type of race around Colorado during his years in the cycling scene, including the US Pro Challenge, and he made everyone from the Men's A to the Kids 4-9 feel that they were racing for the rainbow jersey.
Thank you to Jenny Paddock and Dixon Hutchinson for running registration every single week of the series. These two dedicated Boulder police officers set up early every week and made sure that every entrant felt appreciated and ready for their upcoming races. Jenny and Dixon have truly become part of the CU Cycling family, so much that they spent the afternoon and evening of their 20th wedding anniversary running registration before going out to their much-deserved anniversary dinner.
Lastly, thank you to all of you racers who showed up week after week, rain or shine, to race your hearts out and lay it all on the line for glory. We at CU Cycling are proud to be part of such a strong cycling community. It is a pleasure and an honor to host this annual short track series.

Until next summer,

The Short Track Crew at CU Club Cycling

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Final Week of Short Track 2014

It's been a great year, and we're sad to see the series end. Come this week to watch and race in the final short track of the summer! Prizes will be awarded in various categories, both race-related and other, so in the grand tradition of the series finale, wear your best race costume. This week's course will bring back an old favorite: up Corkscrew!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 30 Race CANCELLED

The powers that be seem to believe Wednesday is the best day for weather around here, so this week's race is cancelled. We'll see you next week, and will likely use the course below. Benjamin Sharp (last week's winner of Men's B) and Dakota Cline (winner of Juniors), swing by the announcer's tent next week to grab your YellowBelly gift cards. See you all at next week's showdown!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Short Track ONLY This Week

Due to inclement weather, neither one of the pre-planned dual slalom races got off the ground this summer. Because of this, and the logistics to pull up a DS race in a week, we will NOT be hosting a dual slalom race this summer. We apologize for this, since we know there are many people who were looking forward to the races. If you paid for the first dual slalom race and left your fee with us to roll over to the second, please send an email to the short track email, and we'll figure out a way to get you a refund; you can also choose to roll the fee over to short track. Again, we apologize for this cancellation. Hopefully we'll see some of you at short track in the future!

- The CU Cycling Short Track Crew

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dual Slalom CANCELLED, Short Track ON

The dual slalom this afternoon is cancelled at this point because of potential damage to Valmont's course, but we ARE still planning on holding short track, weather permitting.